Construction Site All-Risks Insurance

The Construction Site All-Risks Insurance covers the numerous personal and material damages which could occur during construction or renovation work.

This concerns damage caused to properties being built, to temporary structures and to equipment during the construction period.

This policy also covers the financial compensation related to the civil liability which the insured party may be held liable for on account of damage caused to third parties attributable to the carrying out of insured works on the construction site.

Who is this insurance intended for?

Primarily for construction site project owners (or general contractors), in other words the natural or legal persons for whom the construction or renovation works are carried out. It may for example concern a property developer or the constructor of single-family houses.

Why take out this insurance?

In the event of damage, the contractor does not waste time in looking for the responsible party amongst the multiple stakeholders. Everyone who contributes to construction site works is covered.

The construction work is thus not slowed down. The insurance regulation code has made it compulsory (Art. 193) for every constructor to take out all-risks insurance before the construction begins.


What is the period of coverage for the Construction Site All-Risks Insurance?

It covers the general contractor during the period of construction or renovation work up until the provisional acceptance of the works. It subsequently continues during the period called the maintenance period. Throughout this time the policy covers the damage caused by an event taking place during the construction period on the site.

What are the guarantees included in the Construction Site All-Risks Insurance?
Guarantees : 

Damages at the worksite

Maintenance period

Civil Liability

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