Freight Transportation Insurance

This is a multimodal transportation policy.

It applies to transportation by seaway, air, river and land. For a freight transportation activity insured and reassured.

Freight transportation insurance covers the damages that a shipment of goods could be subjected to during the transportation period, be it by seaway, by land or by airway, etc. … within the limit of the voyage and without interruption wherever in the world it might be.

RAWSUR offer its clientele more attractive multimodal transportation insurance.

The transportation insurance policies available from RAWSUR range from a voyage policy to one covering several shipments of the same nature: from a floating policy to a third-party shipper’s policy.

Who is this insurance intended for?

For everybody who has merchandise to be imported or exported, be they retail traders, business companies, institutions or private individuals.

This insurance policy is also designed for freight carriers or forwarders when they insure the merchandise of their clients by means of a third-party shipper’s policy.

Why take out this insurance?

Because the liability of carriers is limited.

The freight transportation insurance allows the risk of losses in the event of damage to be reduced.

The various insurance options Freight transportation
Guarantees : 

ICC (A) « All risks »

ICC (B) - Free of particular average except (or clear accidents) + soaking by sea water + jettison into or washed away by the sea

ICC (C) - Free of particular average except (or clear accidents)

War risk

The different types of policy
Guarantees : 

Voyage policy

Shipments of the same nature policy

Floating policy

Third party shipper’s policy

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