Motor vehicle insurance

AUTOSUR Drive insured and reassured

Rawsur offers several motor vehicle insurance packages, including a motor vehicle civil liability guarantee which is legally required to drive in the RDC.


Why take out AUTOSUR insurance?

Because an AUTOSUR policy offers a unique type of protection.

You can count on rapid compensation, whether you are responsible for or the victim of an accident involving your vehicle.

Moreover, Rawsur offers unique services such as the rapid intervention of a Rawsur agent at the site of the accident.

Who is this insurance intended for?

For all the owners of motor vehicles in circulation in the RDC.

Is this insurance compulsory?

Yes. Article 108 of the RDC insurance regulation code of March 17, 2015, stipulates that civil liability insurance is compulsory for every motorised road vehicle.

The Classic, Well-being and Premium guarantees

GuaranteesAutosur classic
Autosur confort
Autosur premium

Civil liability

Accident assistance

Fire and explosion

Theft of a vehicle

Glass breakages

All accident damages


En optionEn optionEn option

*Optional guarantees

Assistance in the event of an accident

When an insured party is involved in a traffic accident, s/he is emotionally disturbed and not necessarily in a position to claim their rights. The opposing party may be of bad faith and use verbal abuse, threats or police intimidation.

That is why Rawsur offers free of charge a rapid assistance service. In the event of an accident, the insured party rings the number 474444. Rawsur immediately sends an agent to the site of the accident. This expert will take care of all the problems by writing the accident statement on your behalf.

This free of charge service is available 24/24 hours and 7/7 days, no matter where you are when the accident occurs (*service available only in Kinshasa initially).

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